Scott Walker: Rebecca Kleefisch is a fighter

June 13, 2022

Scott Walker: Rebecca Kleefisch is a fighter

‘Even after cancer surgery removed part of her colon, she has more guts than any other elected official I know’


[Waukesha, Wis.] — Gov. Scott Walker led the most conservative government Wisconsin has ever seen. Now he’s throwing his full support behind Rebecca Kleefisch to usher in Wisconsin’s next era of conservative change. 


Read Walker’s new column in The Washington Times here, or find excerpts below. 


Walker: Rebecca Kleefisch has my endorsement for the next governor of Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker

The Washington Times

June 13, 2022


Rebecca Kleefisch became the first Lt. Governor to win a recall election on June 5, 2012. They went after her for the same reasons they went after me: we did not back down from doing what was right. Even though she had to stand for election on her own during that recall, Lt. Governor Kleefisch won with more votes than we had gathered during the normal election less than two years earlier. Voters saw that our common-sense reforms worked – and they are still working today. 


Since 2011, our reforms have saved the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin more than $15 billion. It is why we had a budget surplus during each of the eight years we were in office. But budget savings were just part of the benefits of our reforms. 



Radicals on the left went wild when we first proposed our reforms. Hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands came to the state Capitol. Eventually, some 100,000 protestors filled the Capitol and square. They followed us all over the state. 


Unknown to most people, Rebecca Kleefisch was undergoing cancer treatments at the time. Two weeks before the September primary, she heard the words everyone dreads to hear: “You have cancer.” Rebecca was 35, married with two young daughters ages 4 and 7 at the time. They removed a massive tumor and half her guts. The first year was tough, but she is healthy now. 



Who better than a concerned mother, who sent her kids to public schools in Wisconsin, to lead the fight to take back our schools? Who better than a defender of law enforcement and the 2nd Amendment to lead the fight to clean up our streets? Who better than a conservative woman and cancer survivor to champion the right to life? Who better than a proven leader to protect the integrity of each and every vote? Who better than someone who works hard to make ends meet to balance the state budget? Who better than a jobs ambassador to get Wisconsin back to work? 



Radicals on the left are already targeting her for the November election. They know that the race for Governor in Wisconsin will be one of the closest in the nation. And they know that Rebecca Kleefisch is a fighter. Even after cancer surgery removed part of her colon, she has more guts than any other elected official I know. 


Read the full column here.

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