Rebecca Kleefisch Statement on America Entering Recession

July 28, 2022

Rebecca Kleefisch Statement on America Entering Recession


[Waukesha, Wis.] — In response to news of an American recession, as proven by two consecutive quarters of the GDP shrinking — which Democrats are trying to cover up — candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement:


“America is in a recession because Democrats like Joe Biden and Tony Evers are trying to spend their way to popularity even if Wisconsin families have to pay the price. When I became lieutenant governor, Wisconsin was struggling economically because of tax-and-spend liberals, but thanks to our conservative leadership, the state recovered and was prosperous. As governor, I will cut taxes and spending and get workers off welfare and into jobs that pay to soften the blow of this Biden/Evers recession for Wisconsin families. Voters can trust me to help reignite our economy because I’ve done it before, and they can count on me to do it again.”


This week, Rebecca made a campaign stop in Oconto to discuss her plans to combat inflation. As governor, Rebecca will cut spending and taxes to ensure Wisconsin families can keep more of their own money. Read more about the stop here. Read more about Rebecca’s plans to combat rising costs here.

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