Rebecca Kleefisch Meets with Retired Police Sgt. Ian Seaholm in Oshkosh

January 21, 2022

Rebecca Kleefisch Meets with Retired Police Sgt. Ian Seaholm in Oshkosh


[Oshkosh, WI] – Rebecca Kleefisch met with Sergeant Ian Seaholm on Wednesday in Oshkosh. Seaholm, a retired Oshkosh police officer, is a recipient of the National Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Purple Heart. 


The nonprofit awards the Purple Heart to officers injured or disabled in the line of duty. Seaholm retired from the Oshkosh Police Department due to his mental health issues. He now advocates for other police officers and first responders who are struggling with mental health. Sergeant Seaholm received the award at Senator Ron Johnson’s office in Oshkosh last November. 


“It was a privilege to sit down with Rebecca Kleefisch today. Her passion for the law enforcement community and advocacy for first responders is so encouraging. Officers should be able to depend on their departments, communities, and government leaders for both physical and psychological help. I am confident that Rebecca will continue to support law enforcement as governor,” Seaholm shared after their meeting. 


Rebecca said, “Sgt. Seaholm’s service and dedication is an inspiration. He, like so many other police officers, overcame the mental and emotional challenges that law enforcement face in the line of duty. His continued championship of these issues will extend beyond Oshkosh, and we are so proud of him. As governor, I will always back the badge and give law enforcement the support they need to keep us safe.”

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