Kleefisch Resumes In-Person Campaign Activities

September 27, 2021

Kleefisch Resumes In-Person Campaign Activities
Ends quarantine in accordance with health guidelines


[Waukesha, WI] ā€“ On Monday, Rebecca Kleefisch will resume in-person campaigning for her run for governor. Last week, Kleefisch had announced that she tested positive for COVID-19 after being exposed at church. Kleefisch will head to La Crosse County today to tour a local health clinic and attend other meetings. She released the following statement:


ā€œI am so thankful for the outpouring of support and prayers that I received from friends across Wisconsin last week. The virtual world that we now live in allowed us to lose no ground during my COVID diagnosis, and Iā€™m greatly looking forward to getting back out on the campaign trail to share my vision for a stronger Wisconsin.ā€


Kleefisch completed her 10-day quarantine and received a negative test result late last week.


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