Funding the Police

As a mom and someone who had friends directly impacted during the Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack, I know how important public safety is to our families. Soft-on-crime policies have resulted in tragic consequences for our communities.

Since Democrats took control, violent crime has soared. Without crime under control, our children can’t learn, families don’t feel safe in their own homes, and businesses can’t thrive.

Tony Evers has vilified law enforcement and refused to give them aid. He vetoed a bill to prohibit defunding the police. Evers has focused his time on efforts to release more violent criminals on the street when he could have been keeping our communities safe. He is so out of touch he did not even mention crime in his state of the state speech. He even said he was too busy to meet with families of those who have been murdered. Even after the Waukesha parade tragedy, Evers still has no opinion on low bail policies. This is unacceptable.

Evers supports reducing penalties and releasing even more criminals on our streets. It doesn’t take a genius to know if we defund cops and release more criminals, the results will be more crime in our state – and that is exactly what has been happening.

I am law enforcement’s choice for Governor. I am endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Kenosha Professional Police Association Board, and a majority of Wisconsin’s Sheriffs.

My plan to restore public safety will:

  • Fund at least 1,000 new cops to increase law enforcement’s presence in our communities. We can and should use the state budget surplus to improve public safety.
  • Surge State Patrol to high crime areas as a short-term solution to out-of-control crime facing this state.
  • Enact bail reform to include mandatory minimum bail for violent criminals. Criminals must know they are doing time for their actions.
  • Fire the Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm for his failures that led directly to the Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack.
  • Appoint tough-on-crime judges that follow the law and Constitution.
  • Increase penalties for resisting arrest, reckless driving, and attacks on law enforcement.
  • Use federal dollars on law enforcement, not to illegally award political allies and coddle criminals like Tony Evers.
  • Support school resource officers in schools with a history of violence. Students cannot learn if they don’t feel safe. A Madison High School had a third of its students stay home because they felt unsafe in part because the liberal school board capitulated to activists and pulled officers out of schools. Cops aren’t the problem. The problem is having no consequences for violence.
  • Bring back respect for law enforcement by setting a “tone at the top” from the Governor’s office that is supportive of law enforcement.