Make Life Affordable Again

Under Biden and Evers, inflation is at a 40-year high. Through 2021, there were nearly 100,000 fewer people working in Wisconsin than prior to the pandemic. Consumer sentiment is the lowest it has been in over a decade. Actions to shut down domestic energy production and paying people not to work are just two of the many ways Evers and Biden are contributing to the higher cost of family necessities.

Tony Evers wants to make things even worse. If Evers got his way, drivers would be paying over $1 billion more in gas taxes during his term in office. Gas taxes would be 36% higher than they are today. Everyone would be paying more on electricity bills too. He proposed doubling state electricity fees. More people would be on public assistance as well. He has proposed doing away with work programs and expanding benefits for those on welfare.

My plan to make life affordable again will:

  • Reduce the property tax burden on homeowners.
  • Prioritize transformational income tax reform.
  • Double the state child and dependent care tax credit. This credit is $3,000 in expenses per child up to $6,000. This is a credit that assists workers to be gainfully employed.
  • Create a new tax reduction benefit for child care expenses up to $10,500.
  • End gender-based taxes.
  • Block any raise in the state gas tax. Evers proposed increasing the gas tax by 36% and raising it by inflation every year thereafter.
  • Block any new taxes or increased energy prices for green new deal policies. Evers proposed doubling the state electricity tax which would have increased taxes by an estimated $100 million per year.
  • Support American-made cheap energy until realistic and affordable alternatives are readily available.
  • Get working-age, able-bodied adults back into the workforce to address supply chain issues.