Reforming Government

Government should work for you, the taxpayer. Unfortunately, the Evers Administration has proven incompetent in providing basic government services. They couldn’t get unemployment checks out until many months after they were desperately needed. Many Wisconsinites have had to wait for months to get the professional licenses they need for work renewed. Too often the current administration has thumbed its nose at transparency and elevated political correctness over customer service.

Tony Evers has shown he prioritizes big government over state taxpayers. His last budget would have increased state spending by the most in 20 years. He proposed two budgets, both with tax increases of over $1 billion. These included taxes on farmers, manufacturers, and families. Even with these tax increases and record surpluses, his budgets were estimated to result in billion-dollar deficits.

His priorities are taking from you and giving it to his friends. Upon taking office, one of his first actions was to give double-digit pay increases to his top aides. Evers has even refused to follow the law when it’s politically convenient for him – he had to be told by the court to turn over records that may be politically damaging to him.

Evers has no interest in taking an honest look at wasteful government spending. He wants to add hundreds of state employees even though there are around 4,000 open positions and wants to build new state office buildings even though he has had employees working from home.

My plan to reform government will:

  • Shrink the role of government in your lives.
  • Move state agencies out of Madison and get the government closer to the people that it serves.
  • End perpetual expansion of state office buildings in Madison and hire employees from around the state.
  • Reestablish the government transparency website that Tony Evers eliminated. This site tracked open records, compliance, and agency program performance.
  • Save $1 billion over four years by eliminating wasteful spending. We can start by reigning in the double-digit pay increases Evers gave his top political appointees and rooting out fraud in public assistance programs.
  • Create a sunset process for regulations and state spending. Rules and programs created generations ago may not be effective today.
  • Require two rules to be eliminated for every new one that is created.
  • Follow the law and the Constitution because that’s what a Governor takes an oath to do.
  • Overhaul state licensing approvals so they are issued on time.