Securing Our Elections

We all agree: It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat. Every legal vote should be counted and no matter where you live, elections should be run the same.

No one can honestly say that the 2020 elections were normal. They were inconsistent with law and precedent. The process was changed again and again. Liberals and Tony Evers were just fine with that.

Governor Evers isn’t going to fix anything. He has vetoed numerous bills passed by the Legislature that would have given voters more faith in their elections. In fact, he opposes even simple, common-sense measures like voter ID. He has repeatedly tried to weaken election protections. Evers illegally tried to stop an election through executive order and even illegally tried to schedule another election to swing the vote to his preferred candidate for Supreme Court.

I’m deeply concerned about the integrity of our elections. That’s why I’m the only candidate for governor who has sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

My plan to securing our elections will:

  • Abolish the Wisconsin Elections Commission. Their actions in 2020 and refusal to follow the law have lost the public’s trust.
  • Create an Office of Election Integrity and Public Trust with law enforcement powers to investigate fraud and audit all our elections.
  • Clean up our voting list by removing voters who have moved or died.
  • Ban ballot harvesting and drop boxes. These should already be illegal, but liberals have used creative arguments to use them.
  • End the private funding of election administration. Liberal groups shouldn’t be able to control how elections are run and neither should conservative groups.
  • Ban central count of absentee ballots. A handful of large cities in Wisconsin have destroyed faith in this process. We should end central count and the practice of late-night ballot dumps will end with it.