Improving Education

As a mom of two daughters, I know how important parental involvement is to both our families and our schools. Too often over the last few years, parents’ concerns have gone unheard. Parents are not domestic terrorists – they are the foundation of a strong future for our children.

Tony Evers has been either the State Superintendent or Governor for the past 13 years. In that time, student achievement has not improved. Less than one in five students in the state’s largest school district are proficient in reading and the scores have been dropping. Even though Evers had the authority to intervene, he did nothing.

Tony Evers opposes parent choice. He tried to take away school choice multiple times and even vetoed a school choice expansion. Evers sat silent while his liberal allies labeled parents domestic terrorists. He vetoed a bill that would have provided transparency over what is being taught to our children in schools. Evers is part of the education monopoly who believes parents should not be in control of their children’s education.

My plan to improve K-12 education will:

  • Require life skills to be taught in our schools. Basic soft skills and financial literacy are foundational to career success.
  • Ensure what is being taught to our children will be an open book. Curriculum materials will be online and free.
  • Increase technical, trade, and vocational training offered in our schools. These are family-supporting jobs that are in high demand by our state’s employers.
  • Ban the teaching of inherent racism in the classroom. I’ll make sure our kids are learning critical thinking and NOT critical race theory.
  • Keep kids in the classroom, end mask mandates and put an end to the overly burdensome quarantine provisions still used by some schools.
  • Pass universal school choice and break up the education monopoly. Let’s put parents back in charge.
  • Create a Parents Bill of Rights. Parents should have the right to know what their children are learning in school and have control over their kids’ future.
  • Raise academic standards, starting with civics education. Teaching will be unbiased and not be political indoctrination.
  • Reform the Milwaukee Public School District. The status quo is failing tens of thousands of children in the largest district in our state.
  • Cut spending on administration and invest in classroom instruction. We need dollars to fund students, not buildings and bureaucrats.