Growing Our Economy

Workforce shortages are top on the list of concerns from our state employers. Job openings are hovering at record highs. Labor shortages are contributing to our inflation and supply chain struggles.

Energy costs have risen immensely since Biden/Evers declared war on cheap, American-made energy. This is a big reason why your electric bill is high and you are paying more at the pump.

Don’t look for Tony Evers to fix these problems. He wants to take money away from employers that they could use to attract workers and raise wages. He wants to increase energy costs making our inflation problems worse. Evers supports government paying people not to work and is refusing to implement worker training programs for those on welfare.

­To make things even worse, Evers proposed two budgets with $1 billion in job killing tax increases even though he had massive surpluses. Evers vetoed two low-to middle-income tax cuts. Evers even vetoed a $200 million small business tax cut.

My plan to grow our economy will:

  • Transform our economic development strategy by prioritizing investments in our workforce’s skills, assistance to small businesses and improvements to our infrastructure including roads and high-speed internet access.
  • Eliminate the Personal Property Tax on small businesses. This would provide $200 million per year in relief.
  • Create more career pathways in education for our children. Our students will save on tuition costs and fill jobs that are in demand.
  • Highlight technical, trade, and vocational careers in students’ academic and career planning.
  • Increase apprenticeship and dual enrollment opportunities.
  • Quit paying people not to work and implement worker training programs to get able-bodied adults off public assistance and into a job.
  • Promote American Energy and Support American Energy Independence.
  • Implement the talent attraction program.
  • Reduce the property tax burden on homeowners.
  • Prioritize transformational income tax reform.