Improving Education

Rebecca Kleefisch will fight to expand school choice and ban critical race theory from Wisconsin classrooms.

Securing Our Elections

Fighting to make our elections safe and secure, Rebeca Kleefisch will prevent fraud and give voters renewed confidence that their vote counts.

Growing Our Economy

By cutting taxes and strengthening vocational training, Rebecca Kleefisch will get government out of the way and support job creators

Standing Up for Life

With an unwavering commitment to protect life, Rebecca Kleefisch will stand up for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Reforming Government

Rebecca Kleefisch will fight to move state agencies out of Madison and return power to the taxpayers.

Fighting for the 2nd Amendment

Rebecca Kleefisch will always stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights. Period.

Funding Our Police

As governor, Rebecca Kleefisch will defend the men and women of law enforcement and provide the funding needed to keep us safe.

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