In the News: Kleefisch Calls Out Evers For Abortion On-Demand Without Restriction Policy

July 14, 2022

In the News: Kleefisch Calls Out Evers For Abortion On-Demand Without Restriction Policy


[Waukesha, Wis.] — On Wednesday, Rebecca Kleefisch called out Tony Evers for his radical anti-feminist, anti-baby position on abortion as he and the WisDems held a press conference calling to remove Wisconsin legal protections for unborn babies.   


Evers twice refused to answer what specific exceptions to abortion he’d support, only saying he wants to go back to before the Dobbs decision. In May, Evers signed on to a letter calling for passage of a federal bill to override state laws and allow abortion across America on demand without exception through all nine months of pregnancy. 


Read coverage of Kleefisch exposing Evers’ radical abortion position below:


From the CapTimes: The two leading Republican candidates seeking to challenge Evers support keeping the state’s ban in place — and on Wednesday, former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch criticized Evers for not advocating for some limits on access to the procedure.


From WKOW: Kleefisch said Evers and the Democrats were the ones taking a radical stance on abortion, because they wouldn’t list any restrictions they supported…. a 2021 Associated Press poll found 65 percent of voters think most abortions should be illegal after the first trimester.


From WISN: Republican candidate Rebecca Kleefisch criticized the event calling Evers’ policies radical. “What the hell is her proposal?” Evers said in response to the criticism…  Kleefisch responded to the event in a statement saying: “Tony Evers asked ‘what the hell’ my proposal is. Well, governor, it’s quite simple: I’ll protect the lives of the unborn, support moms, and actually enforce the laws we have – something you have demonstrated you are incapable of doing.”


From News 8000: When it comes to reproductive health, Kleefisch–who is pro-life– says current governor Tony Evers is not being truthful to Wisconsin women. “I’m sick of Democrats and liberals like Tony Evers trying to perpetuate this anti-feminist lie that women have to choose between their own success and the lives of their children,” Kleefisch said.

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