In Case You Missed It: Rebecca Kleefisch is Helping Parents Take Back Their Schools

April 4, 2022

In Case You Missed It: Rebecca Kleefisch is Helping Parents Take Back Their Schools


[Waukesha, WI] – In case you missed it, Democrats and the media are hitting the panic button after Republicans and conservative parents, led by Rebecca Kleefisch, are investing in school board races and preparing to take back control of their schools in Tuesday’s local elections.


“Democrats and the Media can’t stand that regular parents are using the Left’s own tactics against them to take back control of our schools and fight for their kids,” said Rebecca Kleefisch, candidate for governor. “I’m proud to stand with these parents fighting back against mandates, school closures, poor student achievement, and inappropriate content in the classroom. On Tuesday, we’ll take back control.” 


Rebecca Kleefisch endorsed more than 100 candidates in Tuesday’s spring election, also investing in their races. She participated in local candidate meet and greets and Team Rebecca knocked doors for local candidates in their communities.


Republicans inject more than $70,000 into Wisconsin school board races in divisive election season

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

Rory Linnane



Wisconsin’s state and county Republican parties have invested more than $70,000 in candidates for school board elections around the state, while Democratic party spending fell under $10,000, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis of finance reports filed with the state.


School board candidates are on the ballot April 5 in nearly every district, excluding Milwaukee, where board members were elected last year.


The heavy party involvement comes as leading Republican candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch touts education issues at the top of her platform, riding a national wave of conservative backlash over COVID precautions, specialized supports for LGBT students and students of color, and curriculum that addresses race, gender and sexual orientation. 


Kleefisch herself has endorsed more than 100 school board candidates, while her Political Action Committee has, separately from the Republican party, donated $150 each to about a dozen school board campaigns. 


Under the umbrella of parental rights, many candidates say they want to give parents control over COVID responses like masks, vaccination and in-person school; and they say parents should be able to view all curriculum materials and opt their children out of certain lessons. 


Some signed their support to a proposed “parental bill of rights” in Wisconsin that would allow parents to sue if public schools don’t meet their requests to review curricula, or if teachers use names and pronouns for students as chosen by the students rather than the parents. Mequon school board candidate Scarlett Johnson, whose campaign received $1,800 from the Ozaukee County Republican Party, testified for the bill at the capitol.


A spokesperson for the Republican Party of Wisconsin said the party has upped its investment in local school board races after seeing returns last year. 


“After widespread school closures, mask mandates, and learning loss, conservatives are fired up to defeat school board members who serve teachers-union leaders instead of Wisconsin kids,” Mark Jefferson, executive director of the state party, said in an email.



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