ICYMI: Kleefisch Calls Out Failures of Evers’ Liberal Pandering

June 20, 2022

ICYMI: Kleefisch Calls Out Failures of Evers’ Liberal Pandering

‘Evers’ dangerous virtue signaling has become a hallmark of his time as governor’


[Waukesha, Wis.] — In case you missed it, candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch penned an op-ed for the Capital Times, calling out Evers’ public safety, economic, and education failures and how they’re all rooted in his pandering to the woke liberal snowflakes.


Read her full column in the Cap Times here


Tony Evers’ woke agenda is tearing Wisconsin apart

Rebecca Kleefisch

The Capital Times

June 17, 2022


Inflation has already hit a 40-year high with no end in sight. Gas prices are soaring. Violent crime is skyrocketing. Student test scores are dropping. But Gov. Tony Evers’ top priority still is … a radical agenda designed to pit Wisconsinites against one another.


Our governor has spent his four years in office pushing a woke agenda instead of the priorities of Wisconsin families and workers.



Evers’ dangerous virtue signaling to his base has become a hallmark of his time as our governor. Instead of focusing on the pressing issues Wisconsinites face every day, his administration continues to look for trouble by introducing this radicalism into taxpayer-funded state government.



Evers’ agenda is so insane that it led to his campaign pledge of reducing our prison population by 50%, even though it meant putting violent criminals on our streets. His desire to appear tolerant convinced him to sit in the governor’s mansion and watch while rioters terrorized and burned down Kenosha. During the pandemic, his administration even recommended vaccinating young, healthy convicted criminals ahead of vulnerable senior citizens.


When Evers allowed our kids to be locked out of schools during the pandemic, proficiency in core subjects dropped. Scores in English, math, social studies and science are down. Student absenteeism is up. But don’t worry, many Wisconsin public schools prioritized teaching critical race theory so when our kids returned to class they could learn that they should feel guilty because of their skin color and historical sins.


Evers is also using wokeness as a reason to overregulate our energy industry and push his Green New Deal-style climate agenda in the name of “environmental justice.” These policies will only end up making our gas and heating bills rise when we’re already paying more for everything else.



As governor, I will end Evers’ reign of woke demagoguery with the stroke of my pen. No more critical race theory in our K-12 schools. No more Office of Environmental Justice. No more Office of Equity and Inclusion and Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council. I’ll eliminate them all and restore real equality, where we quit pandering and start appreciating people based on the contents of their character, not what they look like.


Wisconsinites deserve a governor who will focus resources and energy on the issues that genuinely matter to middle-class families. We don’t need Tony Evers’ virtue signaling to ensure that Wisconsin is a great place in which to live, work and raise a family — for everyone.


I promise that a Kleefisch administration will prioritize bringing Wisconsinites together, not dividing us.

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